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Unified Energy Saving Product Solutions

Our complete package of product solutions offer complete HVAC project solutions, delivering energy savings, customer satisfaction and low carbon emissions.

Who are Hamwic Technical?

We represent leading HVAC brands on the South Coast.

Working with leading brands to create a one stop shop solution for commercial HVAC Systems, from plant room to emitter.


From Plant Room to Front Room

and everything in-between

Ideal Heating - Commercial

Boilers, Air Source Heat Pumps, Cascade Header Kits, Integrated Controls, Multiline Cascade Flue

Ideal's industry leading product range offers the most complete solution for all of your commercial plant room needs, with the iconic EVOMAX 2 complete with multi boiler cascade solutions, integrated controls, Multiline Cascade Flue and outstanding performance.

Lovato Spa

Distribution Manifolds, Modular Pump Groups, Hot Water Equipment, Heat Pump Buffer Stores

Lovato have been providing value through innovation since 1972 and are expanding globally, driven by strong family values, dedication, commitment and loyalty, assuring our customers the highest standards of quality and service. 

Every Lovato product is designed with the utmost care for detail, quality checked and tested to the highest standards. Every product is designed to reduce the impact on the environment whilst providing reliability and energy efficient design. 

Through Lovato's investment in research and development, we can supply a wide range of intelligent energy management technological solutions that offer unparalleled performance in the market and cutting edge innovations. 


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